Molding temperature of compression mould

The molding temperature depends on the curing system of the resin paste, the thickness of the product, the production efficiency, and the complexity of the structure of the product. The molding temperature must ensure the initiation of the curing system, the smooth progress of the crosslinking reaction, and complete curing.

In general, part having a large thickness should have a lower molding temperature than a thin-walled part, which prevents excessive heat produce heat build-up inside the thick part. If the thickness of the product is 25-32 mm, the molding temperature is 135-145 °C. Thinner part can be formed at 171 °C.

The increase of the molding temperature can shorten the corresponding curing time; conversely, when the molding temperature is lowered, the corresponding curing time needs to be extended. The molding temperature should be chosen between the fastest cure speed and the optimum molding conditions. It is generally believed that the SMC molding temperature is between 120 and 155 °C.

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