SMC Mould in bathroom application

MDC Mould, as a professional SMC mold maker, has focus on composite mold including different process of technologies in Bathroom industry over 15 years.

Just take shower tray for example. In previous, these shower trays were used ceramics technology. But nowadays, it’s almost completely replaced by SMC,which is amazingly strong while also remaining light in weight. Moreover, the material is non-hygroscopic, non-corrodible and ideally suited for aesthetically pleasing shower trays. These fantastic properties made SMC the best choice of material for the manufacture of the shower tray range.

MDC Mould has successfully supplied SMC shower tray molds to customers all around the world. These shower trays are best in class and are very popular because of their extreme toughness and low weight design.

We have received extensive positive feedback about the mold running condition, and end customers are very satisfied with these products installation.

If you are looking for any similar SMC shower tray mold,please keep us in touch and speak with our technical experts. Our team of specialist are standing by to discuss your requirements you may have, and to help you get the exact product solution that you need.

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SMC Mold in Heavy truck industry

MDC Mould, as a professional SMC Mold maker in china, provided SMC Mold as well as solution in heavy truck industry.

SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) works well for heavy duty truck parts, especially ones requiring complexity, strength, and impact resistance.  One of the projects MDC mould is working on is a heavy truck with these SMC parts, including roof spoiler and passenger’s truck fender extensions.  Each of these SMC parts is very complex in geometry because of its complex application.  The following is a picture of one of the SMC fender extensions.

If a part needed this much complexity was manufactured with sheet metal, it would have many more pieces of the assembly and much more bracing.  Metal would also not have the resistance to corrosion and impact that is enjoyed by this composite part.

This fender extension with SMC material is from a truck that has been on the road since 1993, with over 270,000 miles on it.  So you can obviously see that composite material has a good application.

Please keep us informed when any new projects required for discussion.

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SMC mold in Agri industry

MDC Mould, as a professional SMC Mold maker in china, has already produced many kinds of SMC tractor molds for our customers, including John Deere, CNH, AGCO, etc.

With new material development in Agriculture industry, lots of tractor manufacturers are trying to use composite material instead of metal parts, such as SMC hood, SMC side panel, SMC Fender,chin, headlamp, etc. Meanwhile, we’re very honor to get worked with tractor manufacturers for the development. Honestly speaking, SMC molds that MDC produced have been satisfied by them, and assembly&testing are very successful. Now we’re discussing the possibility for development of new types, and they plan to use SMC molding parts for other accessories.

If you’re interesting in SMC mold at any industries, please don’t hesitate to keep us in touch as below:

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BMC named Bulk Moulding compound, is glass fiber reinforced thermoset polymer material used in compression molding, as well as injection molding, and transfer molding. Its application includes electrical, automotive, bathroom, etc.

MDC Mould, as a professional BMC mold maker in china, can make this type of mold with process of injection molding and compression molding. At this moment, MDC Mould has produced BMC mold in electrical industry, as well as bathroom industry and Automotive industry, such as BMC lamp housing, BMC washing basin, and BMC head lamp, etc.

Depending on end customer use, compounds are formulated  to achieve tight dimensional control, flame resistance, high dielectric strength, corrosion and stain resistance and color stability. Its excellent flow characteristics make BMC well suited to a wide variety of applications requiring precision in detail and dimensions. The material is available in a wide variety of colors. Meanwhile, BMC injection mold is also available for MDC Mould, as we have 600T BMC injection machine for testing and small volume production.

Please keep us in touch, when any doubts:

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SMC Battery box mold

MDC Mould, as a professional SMC mold maker, is working with our customers oversea developing SMC battery box mold.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions and protect environment, every country is encouraging car manufacturers to produce electrical car. Now you can say many E-cars on the road. Based on this info, MDC Mould is currently working with customers oversea making SMC Battery box mold. You know that battery box need electromagnetic shielding to avoid interferences with electrical devices such as radio, mobile, etc. Meanwhile, battery box has to be strong in case of cracking when people drive on the bad road condition. With development and trial in many years, customers made a final decision to use SMC instead of other materials.

Now SMC battery mold has been used by many car manufacturers, such as VW, BMW, Daimler, etc.

If you have any doubts or request on this part, please don’t hesitate to keep us in touch as follows:

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SMC Shower base Mold

MDC Mould, as a professional SMC shower base mold manufacturer in china, was developing a new technology with our customers oversea.

In current market, shower base is still using ceramics material or GRP material by hand layup technology. However, with new material development especially compostie industry, MDC Mould have convinced their customers oversea to use SMC material instead of traditional ceramics technology. Please refer to below pictures for reference.

Currently, MDC mould team is still discussing with customers oversea regarding possibility of using new material which is able to get water and smoke sucking up. This new material will be healthy for human being. In the meanwhile, MDC Mould has been making this composite mold with different textures, and it becomes sucessful.

If you have any requests on bathroom parts, such as SMC shower base, SMC bathtub, SMC Sink, SMC wall plate, etc, please don’t hesitate to keep us posted, and MDC Mould team will give you support on tooling production.

Below is our contact details:

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SMC Engine hood Mold

This week we visited one of biggest machinery exihibiton in china, where we’re honor to see our molding parts displaying on our end customer CAT.

With SMC material widely application in heavy truck industry, our customer and MDC were proposed CAT to use SMC material instead of metal material due to weight reduction, corrossion resistance, etc. The advantage of SMC was finally accepted by end customer, and they’re thinking about replacing all the visible metal parts , such as roof, side panels, air ducts, etc ,after approval its property.

MDC Mould, as a professional SMC Moldmaker in china, is honor to develop SMC engine hood mold for our end customers, such as CAT, John Deere, CNH, AGCO, Escorts, etc.


When any doubts, please don’t hesitate to keep us informed as below:

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Automotive industry pushes composites, lightweight is most important

With the reference info from composite Europe,in which MDC Mould participated by this year, the automotive industry, including commercial vehicles, continues to be one of the major growth drivers for fiber composite solutions.

Lightweight construction plays an especially important rolw within the context of E-mobility. It’s of particular significance for Germany’s industry to compelte on a global scale and as a central core technology.

Lightweight construction is an important level for reducing fuel consumption as well. That’s reason why many cars currenly used low density SMC, C-SMC, or carbon fiber instead of meteal parts. Based on report from composite experts, they expect the highest growth rates in the automotive sector including commercial vehicles over the coming years. MDC Mould focus on compression mold, including SMC, C-SMC, Carbon fiber, etc, and expects to get growth with new core technology.

MDC mould is looking forward to working with customers related on new composite material. If any inquiry, please contact with us as follow:

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MDC Mould in Composite exihibition

Last Month, MDC Mould had an exhibition overseas. As a professonal compression mould maker in china, we always looked for an opportunity to expand our markets, that’s the reason why MDC mould can keep growing year by year.

In regards this composite exihibition, too many experts who have experienced in composite industry were coming to see new composite products including Automotive, Aerospace, construction industries. MDC Mould has worked such projects covered above industries with their european customers especially IMP on SMC and GMT Mould, as well as IMC on SMC mould.

Herewith I attached a video that MDC team were attending in a meeting who reported new composite material development and application in different industries.


Please keep in touch with us, when any doubts on SMC Mould.

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SMC mould development,quality is the most important

The SMC Mould development of an industry depends on the improvement of product quality, and the new technology and equipment technology of product manufacturing equipment are related to the quality of this product.

The development of SMC mould is no exception. If we want to produce high quality products of SMC mould, then we need to have high quality SMC mould manufacturing equipment.                                                                                SMC molding process is an advanced composite material molding method, and molding is the foundation of SMC process, good product quality is guaranteed by reliable molds.At the present stage, SMC mould has become a development requirement, SMC mould manufacturing will become a new starting point for development of SMC mould industry.

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