What are the advantages of parting surface design?

In order to make the product easy to eject and simplify the ejection system, the position of the parting surface should make the product leave the bottom mold after the mold is opened;

  1. Reduce the damage of flash to the appearance of the product, and at the same time facilitate the removal of flash;
  2. Facilitate mold manufacturing and mold parts processing;
  3. For products with high requirements for radial dimensional accuracy, the effect of flanging thickness on the product accuracy should be considered, and the vertical parting surface should be taken to ensure the radial accuracy of products;
  4. Ensure the strength of the product and avoid sharp angle and weak walls.

It is very important to design the parting surface. The parting design should be carried out at the initial stage of mold design to draw the parting design drawing, so as to ensure the smooth demoulding of the product and facilitate production.

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