Advantages and Disadvantages of Compression Molding

Molding process of compression moulding is a kind of molding method for thermosetting composite materials. Put a certain amount of material into the compression mould. Under a certain temperature and pressure, the material is heated plasticizing in the mould cavity and pressurized to flow and fill the mold cavity to form. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the molding process?
Its main advantages are as follows:
1. The product is not easy to deform when it is compressing molding and have good dimensional stability, high precision, good repeatability;
2. High production efficiency, facilitate the realization of specialized and automated production;
3. It can be formed the compression product with complex structure one time and simple operation;
4. High surface brightness, no secondary modification;
5. Low mold cost. It can be mass produced at low cost.
6. No gate, gate or runner, different from injection mold
On the contrary, the main disadvantages are as follow:
1. Compression moulding complex with long cycle.
2. Need person to operate, so that can’t achieve full-automatic.
3. It is difficult to control spillage and waste more. But when you master the molding process, you can continuously reduce the waste of materials
The compression molding process is an ideal choice when used properly. Although the cost of a single part may be higher compared to other technologies, it can help minimize the overall project cost.
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