Introduce to BMC mold

BMC mold compression molding is to add plastic directly to an open mold cavity with a certain temperature, and then close the mold, the plastic melts into a flowing state under the action of heat and pressure. Due to the physical and chemical effects, the BMC hardens into a plastic part with a certain shape and size that remains unchanged at room temperature. BMC mold compression molding is mainly used to mold thermosetting plastics, such as phenolic molding powder, urea-formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde molding powder, glass fiber reinforced phenolic plastic, epoxy resin, DAP resin, silicone resin, polyimide, etc. Plastics can also be processed with unsaturated polyester pellets (DMC), sheet molding compound (SMC), prefabricated integral molding compound (BMC), etc.

BMC mold is a thermosetting mold. Compared with thermoplastic mold, bmc mold is irreversible. Products processed by thermoplastic molds can be recycled, reprocessed and reinjected, while products processed by thermoset molds cannot be processed once formed. There is no difference in the structure of the two molds. The difference lies in the processed material: one is a thermosetting material and the other is a thermoplastic material.

BMC is a thermosetting plastic, which is mixed with various inert fillers, fiber reinforcements, catalysts, stabilizers and pigments to form a sticky “putty” composite material for compression molding or injection molding. BMC plastics are highly filled and reinforced with short fibers. Glass fiber reinforced materials account for 10% to 30%, and the length is usually between 1/32 inches and 1/2 inches (12.5 mm).

According to different final application fields, the formulated composite material can accurately control the size, good flame retardancy and tracking resistance, has high dielectric strength, corrosion resistance and stain resistance, excellent mechanical properties, low shrinkage and Stable color. BMC plastic has excellent flow characteristics, insulation and flame retardancy, and is very suitable for various applications requiring precise details and dimensions.

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