SMC Mold

The full name of SMC is Sheet Molding Compound. SMC is made of resin paste impregnated fiber or chopped fiber mat and covered with the polyethylene film on both sides. SMC belongs to the range of prepreg felt and is one of the most widely used molding materials in the world.
The SMC molding process is an advanced composite molding method, and the SMC mold is the basis of the molding process. Good product quality is guaranteed by reliable molds. Therefore, the design of the mold is particularly important in the entire SMC mold production work.
In the SMC mold design process, the mold cavity should be designed according to the specific dimensions of the product. In addition to this, it is necessary to select the appropriate material according to the surface quality requirements of the product and the size of the demand. In order to ensure product quality and process feasibility, the cutting edge and the ejection system of the mold should be designed reasonably. In order to make the product easy to demold, ensure product accuracy, strength and facilitate mold processing and other factors, the selection of parting surface should consider the following principles:
? In order to make the product easy to launch and simplify the ejection mechanism, the position of the parting surface should be such that the product can be left in the lower mold as much as possible after opening the mold;
? Minimize the damage of the flash to the appearance of the product, and at the same time, it should be easy to remove the residual flash;
? It is convenient for mold manufacturing and mold parts processing;
?For products with high requirements for radial dimensional accuracy, the influence of flash thickness on product accuracy should be considered, and the vertical parting surface can be taken to ensure the product radial accuracy;
?Ensure the strength of the product and avoid sharp corners and thin walls.