SMC production technology

Sheet molding compound (SMC) is a kind of sheet molding compound made by impregnating fiber or chopped fiber felt with resin paste and covering polyethylene films on both sides, which belongs to the range of prepreg felt. It is one of the most widely used molding materials in the world.

SMC, as a new type of molding compound with rapid development, has many characteristics: (1). It has good reproducibility and is not affected by operators and external conditions; (2). convenient operation and treatment; (3) the operating environment is clean and sanitary, improving working conditions; (4) has good fluidity and can form special-shaped products. Good quality uniformity, suitable for pressing large thin-walled products with little change in cross section; (5)  The surface finish of the obtained product is high, (6) the production efficiency is high, and the forming period is short.

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