What’s BMC Mould?

BMC mold is used a thermo plastic made up of a polymer resin, various inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, stabilizers, and pigments that form a viscous. It is highly filled and reinforced with short fibers.

Depending on the end-use application, compounds are formulated to achieve tight dimensional control, flame resistance, high dielectric strength, corrosion and stain resistance and color stability. Its excellent flow characteristics make BMC mold well suited to a wide variety of applications requiring precision in detail and dimensions. The material is available in a wide variety of colors.

In addition, BMC mold is suitable for either compression molding or injection molding. BMC compressing molding is used to produce complex components such as electrical equipment, car components, housings for electrical appliances and tools, in large industrial volumes.

MDC Mould, as a professional BMC mold maker, is able to make BMC compression mold, as well as BMC injection mold with gate cutting.

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