Why choose SMC bumper mold?

The material of automobile bumper has undergone a change from metal to plastic. Early front and rear bumpers are mainly metal materials, riveted or welded together with the frame rail, and there is a large gap with the body, the quality is large, the appearance and body style is difficult to unify.


With the development of automobile industry, engineering plastics have been widely used in automobile manufacturing due to their characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and large design freedom. At present, the front bumper of the car on the market is generally made of polyester (such as PBT) and polypropylene (such as PP), which are made by injection molding.


The existing front bumper adopts integrated injection molding, which has the advantage of efficient and mass production, but has the following disadvantages:

First, due to the large size of the parts themselves, the more complex the front bumper modeling parts design, manufacturing is more difficult, higher requirements for the mold;

Second, the current bumper surface in any area of irreversible collision defects, can only be replaced by the whole part;

Third, at present, there are mainly several kinds of plastic front bumper appearance color design: keep consistent with the body, through spray paint color separation design, but also maintain the original color appearance of injection parts without spray paint.


SMC bumper mold2

With the improvement of the user’s requirements for car selection and the improvement of the quality and appearance requirements of the oEMS, the manufacturing of automobile bumper is constantly improving from both material and design. Using SMC molding process, SMC bumper mold can more meet the needs of people now on the car. The main reasons are as follows:

First, compared with the traditional integral plastic front bumper post maintenance and replacement, SMC bumper mold is more convenient and low maintenance cost.

Second, SMC bumper mold high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance.

Third, SMC bumper mold strength is stronger, can achieve safe performance.

Fourth, low cost, small weight. Not only that, SMC bumper mold can also in peacetime slight collision, rebound back to the original state, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance.

SMC bumper mold


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