What’s LWRT Mold?

As a leading LWRT Mold maker, we’re pleased to introduce new technology named LWRT for somebody else.

LWRT means Low weight reinforced thermoplastics. This type of material has been widely used in underbody shield of Automotive industry. both for Interior and exterior parts.

LWRT composite sheets are typically thermoformed into parts with a desired geometry.
Thermoforming is a stretch-forming process resulting in a reduction of the sheet’s original thickness. The deeper the cavity of the geometry is designed, the thinner the wall thickness of the final part will be.
The formability of the sheet material is its ability to form into parts with desired geometry without failure. The geometry of the parts varies according to different applications, and some
applications have a very complex geometric design. A good example of such applications is trunk trim, which has a deep-drawn, multi-cavity geometry.

The advantage of LWRT material would be:

1.weight reduction of at least 25% compared to traditional technologies

2.acoustic performance satisfaction without need for additional sound-absorbing elements to be welded or over-molded per piece.

MDC Mould, as a professional LWRT Mold maker, has produced many molds for our customers, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Jaguar, etc.

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