Professional SMC Mold manufacturer

MDC mould, as a professional SMC Mold manufacturer in china, provides the solution and proposal with our customers in the composite industry, as long as they need support from us.

In the meantime, MDC mould will give their proposal for CAD file optimization and feasibility report for the product, as well as changes accordingly. As a professional SMC Mold manfacturer, our opinion and proposal will help our customers to win the markets in their industry, and give them confidence to work with MDC mould without any worries.

With the development and research of new composite material application, MDC mould has widely cooperated with famous tier one of car manufacturers in regards to new technology and new process, which expands our markets in different industries.

Now SMC Mold is being built in many kinds of industries, including Automotive, electrical, construction, aerospace, etc.

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